De-Missing Portion Intl.

De-Missing Portion is a faith-based, non-profit organisation whose vision and mission is to fill up the gaps in the hearts of men and women - spiritually, financially, academically and to successfully achieve this goal, they organise seminars, conferences, talk shows were they invite icons who share their success stories with attendees, inspiring them to attain God’s plan and purpose for their lives.


With a mandate of engaging the minds and hands of our younger generation at all levels of our educational system to help them become informed and better positioned towards a drastic shift from what is presently seen in our generation to what God has destined for us all; it became a need to have a website for the organization.

This website was needed to promote the organization and its activities to people all over the world. As an organization with worthy programmes and activities lined up for the youths, it was discovered that having a website will help the organization reach a greater percentage of the youths, who are already online in one way or the other.


De-Missing Portion International made contacts with Venki Systems for the following reasons:

Website Branding:
De-Missing Portion International needed a website to promote her visibility to the youths all over the world. We focused on creating a website that is easy for visitors to navigate with local content utilization as it relates to the organization. We ensured the design is good enough by integrating both images and other elements to give the site a unique look.
Website Update:
The organization needed a web site that is updated whenever the need arise. Through good relationship and efficient communication with both teams, this have been done successfully.
Blog Integration:
The organization needed a blog integrated to the website to enable her publish articles to help the youths in the training process. We created a blog that could match the organization's desires.
Site Maintenance:
The Organization needed a web site that is secure and accesible to people at all times. We have maintained a 100% uptime on the website since inception and have not had any virus issue.
Sales and Support:
The organization needed to sell some products that will help in the running of the organization as well as request for support from donors.


There is a huge difference between the pre- and post-online seasons in the organization. The popularity have greatly increased leading to more success stories.


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