Glory Embassy Intl.

Destiny Moulding Breakthrough Power Ministry International Incorporated (a.k.a. Glory Embassy) is a Prophetic, Teaching and Healing Ministry which centers on the word of Faith, (Rom. 10:8) which is God’s word, also known as the word of truth (Eph. 1:13).

With a mission to see the destiny of people, the World, which includes male and female moulded, and to stop the devil from plaguing and devastating people’s lives and destiny. And for them to live out God’s kind of life here on earth; consequently, fulfill their destiny in grand style.

The mandate of this ministry is to mould the destiny of people through the preaching and teaching of the Dynamic Word of Faith, and to demonstrate the Power of God by the Holy Spirit. In this context, the people represents the “World” (Both Male and Female).


The 21st century church has seen a rise in online presence. There has been increase in the number of churches spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the internet. The church desired a web site to aid in spreading the good news.


The President/Founder of Destiny Moulding Breakthrough Power Ministry International (a.k.a. Glory Embassy) met with us and discussed the need for a web site for the church.

Website Branding:
We commenced the process of designing the website. In designing, we ensured it was easy to navigate and simple to understand by every visitor.
News and Event Update:
The web site needed to be updated whenever the need arises. We have been able to do this by our constant communication with the church officials.
Site Maintenance:
We have maintained a 100% uptime on the website since inception and have not had any issue of a bug discovered. Also, we have been able to direct thousands of visitors to the website through our SEO services.
Integration of Messages:
We included features that will allow visitors to listen to audio and watch video messages online through the website. This meant that visitors who missed a service can still listen to the messages preached while they were away from service.


Within six months, the website averaged 10GB bandwidth usage per month and has since increased.


  • 162 Cameroun Road, Aba Nigeria
    157 Cameroun Road, Aba Nigeria
  • [234]805-029-6320 // [234]818-174-0450