Merchants Microfinance Bank

Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited was established to provide banking services in an efficient manner in order to add value to customers and stakeholders.


Back in 2010 Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited was licensed to operate as a Microfinance Bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria and fully commenced banking operations in the same month. The bank has shareholders fund in excess of ₦30,000,000.00 (thirty million Naira). The aim of the Bank is to introduce into the Microfinance Banking Industry a set of values and quality service that can compare with the highest standard anywhere in the world.

There was a need to be seen in the ever growing internet database with the launch of a website that will expose the Bank to more customers within and outside Nigeria. A website that will give accurate and updated information about the Bank's products and services, promo etc.


The Managing Director of Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited first came across Venki Systems through another satisfied client of Venki Systems who happened to be his friend. He made contact with us to do the following:

Website Branding:
Merchants Microfinance Bank needed to design and host a website. We commenced the process of collating information and data to be used in the website since it was their first website. In designing the Web portal, we focused on making sure it was easy to navigate and simple to understand by both staff and customers of the Bank. We ensured the design is good enough by integrating both images and css in our design to give the site a unique look.
News and Events Update:
Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited needed a web site that is updated whenever the need arises. By maintaining good relationship and efficient communication with the management of Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited, contents are uploaded as at when due.
Client Feedback Integration:
It is important that Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited keep in touch with their customers always. We included customer support features such as feedback form, extensive contact information including a contact form, live chat feature to be able to communicate with a customer service officer live for quick solution to a problem etc.
Site Maintenance:
What Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited needs is a web site that is accesible whenever, or wherever, people want to access it. So far we have maitained a 100% uptime on the website. There have not been any bug issue discovered and we have directed thousands of visitors to the website through our SEO services.


Since the site creation in 2013, Merchants Microfinance Bank Limited has witnessed sharp increase in business as a result of the website. Issues that would have warranted customers spending time on the road to the Bank have been solved without going to the Bank thereby boosting the confidence of such customers.


  • 162 Cameroun Road, Aba Nigeria
    157 Cameroun Road, Aba Nigeria
  • [234]805-029-6320 // [234]818-174-0450