Midas Football Academy

Midas provide broadcast and sports equipment purchase services to individuals and corporate organisations as well as organize world class soccer tours, trials and tournaments for individual players and teams in Africa, Europe and the United States.


Midas Football Academy Nigeria was formed in November 2006 to discover young soccer talents in Nigeria and the rest of Africa and make them better persons in the society. The academy is formed to produce the next generation of big stars and talents in the world of football and give them the best education of the game that will last them for the rest of their lives.

With a website already running, the institution needed an improved solution that would help disseminate information about the football academy to their supporters, partners, admirers within Nigeria, Africa and the world over. A site that will represents the status of Institution to the world.


The Founder and CEO of Midas got to know Venki Systems through one of his friends, who happened to be a satisfied client of Venki Systems. He immediately contacted us for the following solutions:

Website Branding:
Midas Football Academy needed to completely redesign their website. In designing the Web portal, we focused on making sure it was easy for visitors to navigate — all the while ensuring it follows the Academy's brand. We ensured the design is good enough by integrating both images and css in our design to give the site a unique look.
News and Events Update:
Midas Football Academy needed a website that is updated whenever the need arises. By maintaining good relationship and efficient communication with the management of Midas, contents are uploaded as at when due. We are virtually with them all round the world in all their tours and training camps.
Site Maintenance:
What Midas needs is a web site that is accesible whenever, or wherever, people want to access it. We have been able to maintain a 100% uptime on the website since inception.



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