Spelling Bee Nigeria

Read2Lead Spelling BeeĀ is an English spelling bee competition born out of a visionary effort geared towards the revival of academic excellence and reading habit in the Nigerian youth.

It is the competition phase of a human and national development project “Project Read2Lead” embarked upon by Visionary Youths to help rebuild the broken walls of the Nigerian academic sector. This project has been running in Nigeria since 2009. The Read2Lead Spelling Bee is administered on a non-profit basis for pupils in primary schools; students in junior and senior secondary schools who are between the ages of 6 and 16 years.

This competition is designed to discover Nigeria’s best spellers who would beat other world spellers at the international stage in America while making spelling fun for children of all ages as they are prepared for a brighter future by giving them the opportunity to showcase and improve on their talents and groom them as they learn.


Read2Lead Spelling Bee encourages youths, parents, teachers, business and the community at large to participate in the development of the education process.

To aid in actualizing the Mission of the Organization, which says: "to help restore the reading culture and to help our students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn new words and correct use of the English Language", there was need for an online presence to make this project travel faster throughout the world and help spread the news.


The President of Spelling Bee Nigeria met us and inquired about our web development and hosting packages. We were mandated to...

Website Branding:
Spelling Bee Nigeria needed to design and host a website to aid the spread of their work. We commenced the process of collating information and data to be used in the website since it was their first website. In designing the Web portal, we focused on making sure it was easy to navigate and simple to understand by everybody by integrating both images and css in our design to give the site a unique look.
News and Events Update:
The web site needed to be updated whenever the need arises. By maintaining good relationship and efficient communication with the management of the Organization, contents are uploaded as at when due.
Site Maintenance:
We have maintained a 99.9% uptime on the website since inception. There have not been any issue of a bug discovered and we have been able to direct thousands of visitors to the website through our SEO services.


Read2Lead Spelling Bee has promoted literacy by providing children with positive goals to work on and forum to express their talents: in addition to improving spelling, learning concepts, improving comprehension and developing study skills.


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