Society For Positive Living (SPL)

Society For Positive Living (SPL) was founded in 2005 as a non governmental, non political and not for profit organisation to provide a form for all all individuals interested in positive psychology, public health and personal development (The 3Ps) to share ideas and experiences as well as to provide practical strategies and tips to make the world a better, healthier and better place to live in.


With a Mission to improve the quality of life of individuals and groups through the advancement of the practice of the 3Ps (positive Psychology, Public Health and Personal Development); it became needed to have a website for the organization.

This website was needed to promote the organization and its activities to people all over the world. As an organization with worthy programmes and activities lined up for all, it was discovered that having a website will help the organization reach a greater percentage of people in the world, who are already online in one way or the other.


SPL made contacts with Venki Systems through our client, Rexous Technologies Limited, for the following reasons:

Website Branding:
SPL needed a website to promote her visibility to the world. We focused on making a website that is easy to navigate with local content utilization. We ensured the design is good enough by integrating both images and other elements to give the site a unique look.
Website Update:
The organization needed a web site that is updated whenever the need arise. Through good relationship and efficient communication, this have been done successfully.
Site Maintenance:
The Organization needed a web site that is secure and accesible to people at all times. This we have achieved successfully through tireless and carefull effort.


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