ICT Training

Every man's usefulness depends on his level of training. With today's world built around ICT, one will be useful only to the extent of his exposure in ICT. There's no place where ICT is not used.

Not Just About Computers...

It's more than just switching on a computer system to check what is happening on facebook, twitter, youtube or other social media platforms. It's more than being able to check your Yahoo!, Google, Windows mail et cetera. It's about challenging with the pros in ICT. Who said you can't create beautiful graphics, design your website, create your own customized software?


You Learn...

You learn Software & System Installation, Computer Repair/Maintenance, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Visual Basic 6.0, VisualBasic.Net, Java, C++, 3D Studio, Fireworks, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Video/Audio Editing et cetera.


Do It Now...

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